I am a consumer just like everyone else out there.  I listen and see the same products and services you do everyday.  What makes you choose someone or something over another.   The world of Real Estate is no different than any other services or products except most times its the most expensive financial decision in our lives.  I am often asked about such companies as Opendoor, Offerpad and Zillow.   These type companies offer you a quick close, move when you want, and buy in a as is condition.   That all sounds great and often its a viable option if you need to sell your home very quickly.  However,  you are most likely going to sell your home at an substantial discount.  These companies offer you a wholesale price so that they are able resale your home for a profit.   You many save thousands in commission cost however, the overall lost in return for your investment will be far greater.   Do yourself a favor an consult with a Professional Realtor.  A knowledgeable realtor will give you all angles when selling your home.  Its as is value, its repaired value.  Many times realtors know investors that may be willing to purchase your home at a greater value than the corporate companies out there.   I have been a realtor for 29+ years now and have consulted with clients who were considering using such services to sell their home.  Sometimes the corporate option has proven to most beneficial for the client but, in most cases it has not.  Sellers are leaving substantial returns (money) on the table when utilizing such services.  Consult a Professional Realtor Today.