A home for sell in many ways is just like a product on the shelf at your local grocery store. If the product is not priced well, packaged well, or doesn't have good visibility it most likely won't sell.  As I licensed realtor for over 28 years I often try and get my clients to relate to their home just like their going to the grocery store or to the mall to shop.  I am a consumer just like anyone else.  I am attracted to price, packaging, and the presentation of the item.  In the fast paced world that we live now, many of us are in the want it now mode. Which means if your home isn't priced, packaged, and advertised correctly it often will not sell for top dollar.  What all this means is that most people aren't willing to put the effort in to buy a home that needs much fix up these days.  Most buyers are looking for move in ready homes that have good appeal and desire.  I'm not saying that your home will not sell, just the time to sell and the price you achieve may not be what your expectation were.

 A good realtor will always discuss and point out to you things that will benefit you in the sell of your property.  The hardest job I have sometimes is telling clients that the home they love just doesn't meet today's standards.  Selling Real Estate believe it not is hard work. It's even harder when you selling a product that is inferior, doesn't have a good appeal, or not priced accordingly. 

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